Shadowrun Diptych Poster

This illustration is an all-time favorite. Working in a great setting, with good people (Harebrained Schemes), with time to make everything right. This was made for a special Kickstarter backer reward. 

Dark Heresy Map Pack

These are several maps I did for the Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy RPG.

A rusty spaceship bridge.

An underground cultist layer.

A wrecked landing bay.

A dangerous back-alley bar. 


Here's a round of images I did for the Aetherium board game.

Lord of the Rings Characters

8 Bit Beats Poster

I shouldn't have this much fun at work.

Top 5 Summer Vacation Destinations

5. Skyline Cafe from Aetherium board game.

4. Mega-space dock from Warhammer 40k.

3. Lithantu, located deep in my dreams.

2. Urban vista from Android: Netrunner.

1. Raxus Prime from Star Wars LCG.