A long time ago...

After much waiting, I finally get to post one of the images I did for Fantasy Flight's take on Star Wars, and it just happens to be one of my favorites.


Shadowrun: 2050 was released at Gen Con this weekend. My first convention, and all-in-all a pretty amazing experience. This was my biggest print, and one for which I didn't make nearly enough copies. Live and learn.

In the year 40,000...

Several items from Darkwatch and Only War, two Warhammer 40k-based table-top RPGs. 

Nothing Personal

My first image for Catalyst Game Labs' Shadowrun was released this month. That's one right off the bucket list. In other news, I was accepted into GenCon's art show this year. Huzzah!

It's up to you. yeah. yeah. yeah.

These are from a Game of Thrones RPG book. I find this kind of work intriguing.

An Unsettling Feeling

Went updating some old records, and realized a bunch of stuff has been released. Feels like the school photos have finally arrived. Ignore the blemishes.