Signs of Faith

Some of the priest illustrations I did for Warhammer Fantasy RPG.

Captain Jack at Dr. Sketchy's Drawing Session

So last night some friends and I went to a sketch group in KY. Captain Jack Sparrow was posing. $5 at the door and a cash bar made the experience well worthwhile.


Another Warlords image was released today. I'm busting out!

He Who Eats Dwarves

My first bit of fantasy card art. This is for a game called Warlords which will be releasing some new stuff very soon. I'll post more from this set when I get clearance.

Early Dark Illustrations

Did a few more images for Anthropos Games. This time for their soon-to-be-released tabletop RPG Early Dark, a fictional history game with various hybrid cultures and locations. Always a good time with that crew.

Robot Holocaust

A friend of mine needed some quick mech sketches for a game pitch. Here's a sampling. Actuator-licking good.

Cthulhu Sketches

Had the opportunity to do a few Lovecraft-inspired sketches for an iPhone game. Here's to the Ancient Ones.

Centennial Gothic Illustrations

I've been working with the good folks at Anthropos Games lately. A few characters, and an illustration of somewhere in Texas. Fun work.

Peeping Ninja

A quicky. Who doesn't like ninja commandos? In other news, I've gotten the URL from my original site to finally point here. So now officially forwards to this exact location. 'Bout damn time.

Crazy Ivan & the Lobotomate 9000

"You scratch my back, I bash your head in."